• a week in aspen

    my first week of winter break was spent in aspen, colorado snowboarding with some friends. we were lucky enough to get over 13" of fresh powder one night and spent the week skiing in and out of clouds, snowstorms and patches of clear sky. it was some of the best snowboarding of my life and i am ready to go back.... now!


    1. any kind of mountainside house is amazing to me 2. spending our last day dressed up


    3. two unicorns on a mountain 4. seriously the snow covered trees are too much


    4. & 5. our gear after the first day and then again the next morning after a snowstorm


    6. a sweet, intimate night riots concert at belly up 7. roommates in flannel on our last night


    8. a unicorn feeds on fresh snow. it's fact. 9. you can't even see my board the powder was so deep!

    december 12-19 | aspen, colorado

  • life lately

    1. the baptism of my goddaughter, vera 2. riding horses with my subjects
    3. the brooklyn bridge during on an october weekend 4. a pickle shot to end another capstone project


    5. some to-die-for ice cream in manhattan with my brother 6. spending quality time with an old friend


    7. homemade pizzas from my most recent subjects 8. restaurant pizza from my favorite place 

    9. my last hallouween, dressed as morticia addams
  • paw paw festival

    this weekend i set up a tent near the fesival ground of the 17th annual paw paw festival in albany, ohio. it rained, it poured, it drenched our tent. but we still had a bunch of fun (and fern!) the second night was clearer and i was able to stargaze with mikayla and barbie and see a few shooting stars while listening to the band in the distance over the lake. camping at paw paw checked off the senior year bucket list!


    september 11-13, 2015 | albany, ohio

  • strouds social!

    the club i am president of, ohio university multimedia society (oums) kicked off the year with a social at strouds run state park to get to know the freshmen more and have some fun in the sun before summer is over! we had a lot of fun and everything is posted on our new blog: click here!

    we even included a mini video. this year is gonna rock!

    labor day | strouds run state park, ohio

  • family time

    in the middle of august, my family and i set out on an eight day road trip around kentucky and tennessee. there was a lot to see and do, and while we spent more time in nashville, we all ended up liking memphis more. i'd love to visit again. it was a great way wrap up a summer together, especially since we spent the past few months in different places!

    stop one: wild turkey distillery, lextington kentucky

    stop two: andrew jackson's hermitage, tennessee 

    stop three: grand ole opry, nashville, tennessee

    stop four: memphis, tennessee

    stop five: graceland

    stop six: corvette assembly plant and musuem, bowling green, kentucky

    stop seven: hillbilly hot dogs, lesage, west virginia 

    august 13-20, 2015 

  • bounty on the bricks

    working for a local business has had many perks and working for a couple who loves all of the local events is even better. this past weekend, my boss jenny offered up two tickets to an annual athens event called bounty on the bricks. it's a chairty dinner hosted on the bricks of court street, the main drag in uptown athens. tickets were expensive and sold out in an hour, so stu and i were lucky that the husbands gave up their seats for us to snag! there were appetizer stations and a cash bar to walk and talk around before the dinner bell. then we had a delicious three course meal under the setting sun! running into adults stu and i know from different places in athens makes it seem like home. it was a super fun night, even if it looks like we were hanging out with the white-haired crowd! ha!


    they welcomed us with a big arch, a band, and a shot out on the athena marquee! 


    table #25 with sherry, jenny, stu, gerry, and jackie. good company.


    delicious bread and artisan butter and some pickled beets/goat cheese bread dream. [before dinner]


    stu chatting with his best friend, the soon to be mayor. and the photo we sent to chris as a WYWH!

       chef ringing the dinner bell and our delicious salad [on a bamboo plate!]:

    assorted local greens salads w/ roasted tomato vinaigrette, a warm parmesan pudding & pickled egplant compote


    my veg. main course: bell pepper stuffed with tofu, four grains and eight vegetables, tomato basil coulis & athens county ratatouille

    and dessert: strawberry rhubarb croustage with a vanilla bean ice cream.



    thanks again jenny!

    august 8, 2015 | athens, ohio


  • stu on a farm

    my boss asked me to take care of the puppies she was fostering, so i brought stu along to introduce him to farm life. he is now obsessed with goats and wants to find a way to domesticate one..


  • quick stop in nyc

    at the end of july i skipped over to nyc to visit my friend meg before her internship ended.


    i've only flown over nyc once before, so i really enjoyed my window seat


    sights of the lower east side


    was in the mood for some french macaroons all weekend


    highlight of our time together: seeing the book of mormon close up on bway, then meeting the entire cast afterward! thanks, mom! new favorite broadway show?


    the museum of sex and the houseband at Cafe Wha?


    new york wildlife.

    thanks for a good time meg and thanks for the fun weekend, nyc. see you in october!

    july 29- august 2, 2015 | new york, new york

  • Family.Life.

    Excited to see my video published on the Family.Life. Project! Last December, once school had finished up for the semester, my video professor advised me to clean up my video a bit and submit it for this video project about generations, families, and community.  I groaned about editing a film I had spent the past two months working on, especially over my winter break, but I pulled through and took her advice. I completely forgot about it until now when Becky sent me an e-mail! SO awesome to see my work on this site!!

    You can view my video here

  • welcome!

    welcome to my blog, a chronicle of my adventures as seen from the bird's eye view 

    [that's me, i'm the bird. i grew up with the nickname macybird and found it clicks with my interests]

    my goal with this blog is to document my life in a creative way. 

    my senior year of college begins in a month and my time of figuring out where i belong in the real world is quickly approaching. while i love my major of photojournalism and am equally passionate about my social media certificate, i'm hoping this blog can be an outlet to help me figure out where my skills fit best. i have always wanted to take a creative path in life, but i've struggled to find my niche. thru photo stories, video documentaries, picture editing, social media managing and just randomly documenting my life thru visual media, i hope to provide insight to the college senior's world and entertainment to this virtual blog. thanks for stopping by!


    1. amish on the road